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Power Trading

Power Trading is a market where power can be bought and sold in MW’s(units) on daily bases on 15 mins intervals from 10 -12 am.

Eligiblity Criteria

  • Intended buyer or seller has to register themselves with a Member of the Power Exchange for being eligible as their client.

  • Contract Demand should be 1.25 MW (1250 KW) or above

  • Techincal aspects (Meter, CT/PT etc) which have to be satisfied according to SLDC from the state you’re drawing power or selling.

  • State supply Grid connectivity (Transmission/Distribution line requirements if any).

Statutory Requirements

  • Client Registration with IEX

  • Member Client MoU/Agreement

  • Depositing Margin money in case of a buyer

  • NOC/Clearance from SLDC and local department if any for open access.

  • A separate bank account needs to be opened which has to be linked with IEX and amount should be deposited a day prior when you will bid for the units you want to purchase

Fees Structure

  • Client would have to deposit a fees of Rs. 1lakh p.a plus service taxes which is non refundable.

  • Client will have to pay commissions of the Member and IEX according to MoU signed with the client during registration.

  • Client would have to pay for SLDC/NDLC or/and local department application, processing, registering fees as applicable and any other chargers as required.

Modes Of Trading

Alka Power