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India is undergoing a phase of transition in terms of Power. The dynamism in the power industry hence demands novelty in the concept of power supply and demand.

Legislation permits one to buy and sell power other than State Electricity Board (SEB) through India Energy Exchange IEX.

CERC has approved collective bidding to ensure non - bias trading of power. It is essential for one opting for powertrading to have all required information about its mode of Operation, Rules and Regulations. We have in house expertise for the benefit of our customers. We provide complete analysis, for trading in power. Our solutions help our customers quickly identify their power needs; verify cost p.unit, enabling them bid successfully.

Services Provided:

Power Trading: Registration and platform for trading on IEX

REC: Trading of REC

RPO: Compliance of RPO (Renewable Purchase obligations).

PPA: Power Purchase agreement between generators and consumers.

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